Property Council – Future Directions – Lawn Bowls

As Indoor Lawn Bowls Champion, Andy Thomson, probably once said: “there are some key advantages to indoor bowls…”

This rang true last night when, after a weekend of sunshine, the heavens opened and Melbourne was drenched in rain.

This didn’t stop Aspect’s budding lawn bowls team from attending the Property Council’s inaugural Lawn Bowls event at Flagstaff Gardens.

With raincoats on and bowls in hand (and a beer in the other) we took to the astroturf. At the night progressed, the pursuit of witty sledges seemed to take priority of the pursuit of good bowling. The competition was cut short as the rain intensified (just as we were poised to strike and claim victory).

Thank you to the Property Council for organising a great night! It was great to network with people from our industry and enjoy a bit of banter over a couple of drinks.

We look forward to the next one…

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